Our Story

Pyrocal Pty Ltd is an Australian innovative engineering company. We specialise in the design, build and installation of thermal carbonisation systems that extract value from biomass residues.

Pyrocal CCT systems have been implemented commercially since 2014.  The development of the company’s technology started in Australia in 2009. We are based in Toowoomba, Queensland where we design, build and test customer installations and conduct comprehensive R&D.

Pyrocal's systems have been deployed across eight countries in a variety of applications. Our process is favourably recognised by regulatory authorities. 

Pyrocal has the technical and engineering skills to customise systems to meet specific process needs.

Pyrocal's R&D facility at Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia

Pyrocal's R&D facility at Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia


In April 2018 Pyrocal launched Black Pearl Charcoal, a premium barbecue charcoal product. Black Pearl Charcoal is produced at our Toowoomba facility from nutshells transformed into biocarbon. It is sold Australia wide.


Pyrocal is a member of Bioenergy Australia

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