Continuous Carbonisation Technology


The Pyrocal gasification system utilises Continuous Carbonisation Technology (CCT). Together these form an advanced thermal treatment process.

Pyrocal CCT converts biomass into stabilised biocarbon, thermal energy and carbon dioxide, with a resulting reduction in the volume of biomass. Importantly, this process is auto thermal which means the energy to run the Pyrocal system is created via the biomass conversion.

There are many applications for Pyrocal CCT.

  • Stabilised Biocarbon is used, for example as a soil conditioner, livestock feed additive and for waste water remediation.

  • Thermal Energy is generated and can be substituted for traditional fuel sources such as electricity and LPG for providing process heat or other localised energy requirements.

  • Carbon Dioxide is produced in a form that is suitable for use in protected agriculture, i.e. the growing of plants under a prescribed microclimate. The result is much improved growth rates at a fraction of the cost of commercial Carbon Dioxide supplies.

  • Biomass Reduction allows businesses and governments to better manage agricultural, industrial and municipal residues and wastes.

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Pyrocal CCT systems are designed, built and installed to comply with local regulatory requirements. This proven Australian technology has been implemented on a commercial scale since 2014 with installations in eight countries.

This technology was previously known as Big Char CCT.