Biosolids to Energy Case Study
Logan City Council

Pyrocal is providing the core gasification technology for the Logan City Biosolids Gasification project. The project demonstrates the transformation of biosolids into energy and biochar, and the potential for partial to full destruction of pollutants such as PFAS and microplastics.

Biosolids are treated and partially dewatered sewage sludge.

The Issue

Logan City’s largest Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) produces 34,000 tonnes of biosolids per year with current disposal costs about $1.8m per year. This represents 30 percent of the WWTP’s operating costs.


The objective is to provide a more cost effective and sustainable approach to biosolid disposal. A demonstration facility is expected to be operating by February 2020, with a full scale facility in place by 2021.

The biosolids gasification facility will dewater and dry biosolids ready for gasification using a Pyrocal CCT system.



The processing of biosolids in the gasification facility will reduce the volume by 90 percent. Overall there will be a saving of approximately $500,000 in WWTP operating costs and a with a new revenue stream created from the sale of biochar.

The role of the Pyrocal CCT gasification system is to:

  • Recover energy from the biosolids that is used to power the drying and heating process. In fact, greater than 70 percent of the energy in the biosolids will be recovered and reused.

  • Produce biochar.

Facts and Figures

  • $17.28m Total project cost

  • $6.22m Funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

  • 300,000 people serviced by the Loganholme Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • 34,000 tonnes of biosolids per year

  • $1.8m current disposal costs per year

The Outcome

  • Greater than 70 percent of the energy in biosolids recovered

  • 90 percent reduction in the volume of biosolids

  • $500,000 saving in operating costs per year

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